Are We Heading Towards Energy Deficiency?
21 Sep

Are We Heading Towards Energy Deficiency?

By admin

In classical physics, the Law of Conservation of Energy states that ‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed and that energy remains constant. However, it can be transformed from one form to another.’ If we are to follow this law, then it means that there would not be any shortage of power supply. This however is not the case at all because the energy that we use is transformed into the type of energy that we need and heat.

Understanding the flow of energy

Physics defines energy as ‘the ability to work or displace any object (particle) from one point to another.’ The modern population associates energy as the supply of electric power or gas to run their homes, organizations, corporations, industries, etc. 

When the energy is used in such establishments, they are usually done to run some kind of machinery or appliances. As a result, the energy used there is converted to light, sound (audio appliances), light, mechanical (industrial machines, fan, and food processor to name some) heat, etc.

Thus, the energy used in running our homes and industries is often dissipated into other forms, some of which is useful and others are not. Therefore, the term energy deficiency is not a shortage of energy (as per the physics textbooks) but the resources to generate usable energy for our homes and organizations. We are all aware of the resources types that are used to generate usable energy: Renewable and non-renewable.

While the world is moving fast towards renewable sources, the demand for renewable sources is still strong as ever. One of the major non-renewable sources of energy is gas. Many countries still use gas as one of their major energy sources for both personal and commercial use. Many sites provide services related to business gas comparison for choosing the best deal for ones’ business.

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Energy deficiency

The term energy deficiency is generally associated with power outages. While there are many reasons for power outages, like maintenance, fault repairing, etc. deficiency happens when the demand of the power surpasses the supply capacity. This is true for not only electricity but for other utilities as well, like gas, etc. Another factor that should be noted is that such power or energy deficiency is not that common in developed nations but that in developing nations.

The main reason that can be attributed to this deficiency is the absence of proper infrastructure to generate and supply. This happens not only for electricity but also for gas supply, thus creating a deficiency. The main way to combat such issues is the utter economic and social development of those areas in question. Apart from the said developments, government intervention is equally needed to sort out such problems.

The other form of energy deficiency is not related to infrastructure but more towards the environment. We are aggressively moving towards an ecological disaster, where the conventional methods of deriving power supply are being depleted at a rapid pace. Therefore, more awareness is required to use non-renewable energy sources.