5 Common Web Design Languages for Website Development
28 Aug

5 Common Web Design Languages for Website Development

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If you are not tech-savvy, at times, it becomes hard to understand some of the basic codes that web designers use. You don’t have to be a coding expert; however, it’s pretty essential to have some know-how about the common language used in web designing.

The best part is, knowing the basics that can help you easily communicate with web experts whenever you need help. Besides, technology keeps advancing now and then; hence, your website will need upgrading. In such a situation, having this web designing languages list will help you realise that your website needs redesigning.

Here are some common languages used in web designing;


HTML is the ordinary markup web language. The HTML is a system that annotates a text document with a unique syntax. In simple language, web designers use HTML to come up with a starting point for a website like in most static pages. The HTML markup defines the configuration of a web page to the browser by the use of tags.

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You can recognise these tags as texts in brackets (the angle brackets). The tags instruct the browser on how to convey page elements like text, titles, link, and headings incorporated in HTML document. In other words, it’s a skeleton that holds a website together.

2. CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language that web developers use to style a website. It’s a common language used in web designing where a developer customises the layout, colour, background, and font size of a webpage. 

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HTML and CSS are essential languages that structures and styles a static website. This happens if the webpage has zero scriptings, the content is fixed, and hyperlinks are the key form of interactivity.


JAVA is a popular programming language that is currently trending as the default language for creating Android apps. Additionally, it’s used in developing games, software, web content, and apps. JAVA, a subset of the C programming language, has repeatedly scooped high scores on most of the raw speed benchmark tests. No wonder some of the highly trafficked websites like Chase, Alibaba, and LinkedIn use JAVA.

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JavaScript is presently the de facto client-side scripting language. It is a language that brings interactivity to web development – pop-up screens, animations, dropdown menus, games, and sliders. 

Besides HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three fundamental technologies behind the front-end of a website. 

When JavaScript is running the client-side, some sites can remain active even after losing internet connection. JavaScript is a must-incorporate element in your design.


PYTHON is an open-source interpreted language that stresses on exceedingly readable code. It’s essential to include python in your web designing languages list since it’s one of the important general-purpose programming languages. It’s a comprehensive standard library that has lots of pre-coded functions suitable for all occasions. Python has an easy-to-learn code that has won the affection of a lot of people in the scientific community because it’s handy in processing large data. It is famous among startups like Instagram and Pinterest.


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How to Convert ASPX to PDF

Documents play critical roles in websites, and the essential aspect of the document is the file format. PDF is a cross-functional file format that is independent of hardware, device, software, and also an operating system. ASPX is, therefore, the best internet media type of document. The good thing is that it’s easy to open such a file by use of a web browser like Firefox, chrome, opera, and internet explorer. It’s, therefore, recommendable to convert ASPX file to PDF on a webpage since Microsoft’s websites use ASPX extension rather than HTML format.


Having a web designing languages list is helpful since you will get to know how to explain your website needs to the developers. If you understand HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, and python, you are in a better position to communicate like a pro. Finally, it’s pretty essential to maximise the use of ASPX to convert to PDFon a webpage to ensure your files are safe. 

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