10 Tips You Should Consider Before Creating an Ebook
17 Feb

10 Tips You Should Consider Before Creating an Ebook

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Since the beginning, human beings always strive to learn something new hence they started from carved stones and palm tree leaves to preserve texts and came a long way to the digital age today where everything is available on the internet that is saturated with excerpts from the best-published content of the year. This contribution to the digital media to our age helps anyone with any intellectual level so these days it doesn’t take a genius to extract information about an intricate or delicate subject. 

Obviously, the need to find a decent content inclines everyone to skim through a good piece of writing every once in a while. But when the demand for quality content is so high, it calls for every amateur and expert to contribute their fair share. However, there are a lot of delicacies that you need to mind while trying to produce an indulging piece of text. Especially when you aim to create EPUBs with more detailed content as compared to barely scratching the surface of every topic.

So here are 10 tips that you should consider before creating an eBook:

The most important thing while writing is to carefully consider what sources you will put to use. Your options can range from old history reels to modern-day video and audio libraries. The only most significant thing is your writing credibility.

The available content is generally accessed and exercised by large groups without much verification. If your source is just a couple of social media posts, then you can do some serious harm to your readers depending on your writing’s nature. Also, it won’t be a long way from there to lose the trust of your readers and the author’s credibility.

To avoid such debacle of a situation, it’s always wiser to revise your sources by dwelling in delicate territories of information.


Most readers won’t even realize this, but every piece of text is alive and speaks to its readers in one way or the other. If the writer isn’t mindful enough and publishes an eBook that is dense and monotonous, it isn’t hard to imagine what the conversation would be like.

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So, it is very important to draft your writing like a work of art, carefully outlining all the highs and lows to ensure readers’ absolute attention. Not only does it allow your reader to communicate with it, but also lets you keep a good track of the subjects that you still have to discuss in your writing.


No one reaches out to the internet to complicate their problems instead of solving them. If your carefully crafted eBook leaves the reader as puzzled as to the bank brochures, then you should pay some attention to the readability of your text.

At times, authors don’t realize that their persuasion of finesse and a lingering desire to impress is making their writings more complex, undesirable and less understandable. This results in frustrating the readers instead of fulfilling the actual purpose of helping readers with the text.

Regardless of how big of an expert you are, you always start with baby steps when teaching someone how to walk.


Every text is unique and is intended for a particular age group and doesn’t fall in line with everyone’s taste. If you are writing something for children, it is preferred to be written using the most casually spoken words and in small sentences. People of older age groups would be more inclined to read something light-hearted and cheerful.

Therefore, it’s very important to remember who you are writing for and to have that sense of care spill from writings. Be it from the language that you use or the idea that you are trying to convey. If you have been precise there’s little to no chance that you will end up disappointing your readers.


With the already highlighted strength of digital media in mind, it’d be a crime to deprive your writings of some visual incorporations. It’s never wrong to think that a picture can encapsulate a thousand words. Such a strong resource can always assist a writer in making the reader sharing his or her vision.

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Besides this, pictures help to expand your concentration span as it calls for a slightly passive processing approach towards any information. So, including a bunch of pictures to your eBook can help you in conveying your ideas with greater efficiency.


No one expects the statistical analysis to be a part of children’s books. Similarly, it’d be fairly unusual to place rainbows in the middle while discussing cancer patients. Such is the impact on a reader when the author abandons the tone complimenting the nature of the text and instead adopts an approach based on a hunch.

On this note, extrapolating every bit of information to the best or worst possible case scenarios without any statistical backing may leave the reader just as confused. 

For these reasons, it’s best to adhere to one writing style and tone while trying to establish a strong connection with your reader.


When you are close to reaching your milestone, or at the mountain top, it’s time for an extensive revision of whatever you have written. It never hurts to cross-check your information with some other resources at your disposal, even if you don’t include them as support to your writings.

Also, it isn’t too hard to be repetitive or make grammatical mistakes while composing a long text. It’s strongly advised to upload your document on a platform that could assess your writing’s grammar and offer you some feedback. At least this way, you can avoid a bunch of readers from scratching their heads over something grammatically inapt.


It may sound trivial, but it is really important to carefully consider the platforms from which your eBook can be accessed and then decide upon a format. Although PDF is the most common for most eBooks, it is mostly friendly with larger screen displays. Whereas EPUB (electronic publications) is a format that shifts the text based on the screen size of the device from which it is accessed.

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Besides this, AZW can be used for Amazon dedicated kindle devices and ODF (Open Document Format) from open-source content creation programs such as MS Office.

However, once an eBook is saved in one of the above-mentioned formats, it’s next to impossible to edit it. So it’s strongly advised to keep the editable version of the text as a backup.


Only the author can interpret best how many people can connect with his or her eBook. It’s best to keep your reach in mind when choosing the platform to launch your book. Similarly, you need to be careful from offering exclusive rights to any particular platform that limits the growth of your work.

In addition to this, there’s nothing wrong with being a little greedy and going after the best offers on your table. Certainly, going through the trouble of all the writing isn’t just to please everyone but the author himself. So, your choice of the platform makes an impact on your personal growth and the kind of attention that your writing may get.


After all the dedication and hard work, it’s about time to make everyone acknowledge your valuable contribution and to come up with the best ways of doing it. This, however, strongly depends on your choice of subject. If you plan on touching controversial topics, it’s best to entertain news platforms to boost promotions. Similarly, if social welfare is what your book discusses, then NGOs and social gatherings serve in your best interest. 

Hence, this last step down the lane is what’s determined with the very idea of what you will write about.


Writing is one of the best ways to express yourself nowadays, but it’s good to do thorough homework before trying to leave your mark on people. Keeping the might of a pen in mind, it seems to be a moral duty of the author to not just present quality work, but also to verify everything before making it accessible. Also, keep in mind that it always helps to set the limit of your field before kicking off the ball to avoid further complexities and confusion.