Lesser-Known SEO Hacks: Providing Your Business with the Digital Edge
05 Jul

Lesser-Known SEO Hacks: Providing Your Business with the Digital Edge

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) has come to represent the backbone of any successful digital sales or marketing strategy. Indeed, even business owners who do not possess a great deal of technical knowledge are likely aware of basic concepts such as keyword placement, and the importance of regularly creating quality content.

There are nonetheless some hidden points that can often be overlooked, and a handful might actually have a massive impact upon the trajectory of your ongoing efforts. This article will examine four hidden SEO techniques, and the possible advantages that each has to offer. 

The Master of Your Domain

This first tip is primarily geared towards businesses that are soon to enter into the online community. Although website design is obviously crucial, analysing different possible domain names will ultimately provide any business with the clout that it needs for broad recognition. This is just as true in terms of suffixes such as .com, .co.uk, and .net. First impressions count, and professional website addresses provide an invaluable edge. 

All About Analytics

SEO can be rather technical in nature. This may cause some to shy away from its finer points. However, understanding the proverbial “fine print” will allow you to successfully leverage all of the opportunities at your disposal. One powerful hack is to appreciate the purchasing behaviour of your customers. Try to answer the following questions:


  • Which products are the most popular?
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  • Have certain advertising campaigns provided better results than others?


  • What time of the year do your sales peak?


  • How often are repeat purchases made?


Those who are able to place their finger on the digital pulse of their consumers will be much more likely to enact proactive changes when the time is right. 

Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

It is actually quite ironic that this next suggestion is overlooked when we consider that it is one of the easiest to implement. Always include a meta title and a meta description within any content that you happen to create. The primary intention is to explain what it is that you are discussing to automated SERP (search engine results page) algorithms. Clear titles and descriptions will allow your page to rank higher, and therefore, to obtain more inbound hits. 

Examine Sites with Low Domain Authority

There can also be instances when a site with a low domain authority (DA) suddenly ranks high within a search engine results page. More often than not, this is due to the use of a targeted keyword that happens to be extremely relevant for their niche sector. Why not “leapfrog” off this very same scenario? There are plenty of anlaytical tools that will help you keep a close eye on your competitors, and you might even stumble across a red-hot keyword that can be incorporated into your ongoing marketing strategy.

These four powerful SEO hacks are worth their weight in gold if implemented in the correct manner. After all, even the most well-rounded advertising campaigns can use a touch of polishing from time to time. 

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