How to Monitor Instant Messengers Chat on Employees’ Mobile & Computer
06 Feb

How to Monitor Instant Messengers Chat on Employees’ Mobile & Computer


Business organizations whether large or small these days are fully dependent on the technology. Because without the use of technology none of the organization can meet the modern day challenges and the communication tools in terms of instant messaging apps is one of the best examples. Moreover, technological organizations equipped these days with contemporary cell phones, gadgets and laptop and desktop computer machines connected to the cyberspace. Employers provide the devices to their employees because they demand productivity from their side. On the other hand, employees these days are very smart in wasting time within the working hours.

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They use company’s owned devices for personal reasons in terms of personal texting, conversations, and shared media files and even for audio and video conversations by using the trendy social messaging apps on the company’s owned devices. Furthermore, Employers usually concerned about dishonest employees that can sell the company’s owned secret data. Therefore, employers are looking forward to spying app for cell phone and computer. Now the question arises how to find the best cell phone and computer monitoring app.

Monitor employees with cellphone & computer monitoring app

The very first step that you need to take before installing a spy app for pc & cellphone on the company is that you need to choose the best of the best mobile phone and computer spy software. Therefore, you need to visit the website of the monitoring app that empowers you to both mobile phones and computer laptop and desktop devices to the fullest. So, you need to have spy software that is powerful full of features for both cell phone and computing devices in terms of tracking. Further, once you have to get your hands on the website suited you the most you need to perform the following mentioned installation steps.

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Step1: Subscribe for PC and phone spy app

First and foremost you need to go for a subscription after you have got the address of the website. Now you need to get a subscription to the Computer & cell phone surveillance software. Once you have got the subscription you will receive an email along with the credentials in terms of passcode and ID. Now you need to take a look at following mention step.

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Step2: Get physical access on the target employee device

Now you have the subscription and the credentials as well. It is the time to get started with the installation process. Once you have successfully installed the tracking app for cellphone and PC on the target device. Then you need to activate it on the targeted device. Moreover, when you are thinking about the activation process suddenly a pop –up appears that will give you directions in order to make your spying activities on employees devices owned by the company in a sneaky way. You can skip the assistance of the pop –up or you can use it to make you are spying a secret.

Instant Messengers

Instant Messengers

Step3: Get access to the web portal of the mobile phone and PC tracking software

Now use the credentials such as passcode and ID and further you need to get access to the electronic control panel where you can get all the tools that will help you out to monitor your employee’s cell phones and computers owned by the company. Let’s discuss all the features that are best for the employee monitoring both for cell phones and for windows and Mac Computer machines.

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Cell phone monitoring app features to spy on employees

Call recording

You can record and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls in real time and further you can save the recorded call data

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording on an employee’s cell phone owned by the company and get to know each and every single activity happen on the target device cell phone screen. It means you can do a live screen recording of messages, shared media, and social media apps activities, chrome, YouTube, emails, passwords, and others alike.

GPS location tracker

You can get to know the current and exact location of your employees by tracking their cell phones. You can get to know about location history and even can mark save and restricted areas. However, cell phone spy app has dozens of features that we cannot mention here due to lack of time. You can visit the mobile spy app official website.

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Windows spy app features for employee monitoring

Block websites

You can block the inappropriate browsing of your employees within the working hours and stop them to waste time. You can remotely put the URLs into filters and stop your employee’s time-wasting activities.

User –friendly reports

You can get working reports of your employees in a friendly way with the use of windows surveillance app. You can get the reports in terms of logs such as activity logs, alarms logs, visited apps and websites and mouse keystrokes.

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Real-Time Monitoring

You can perform monitoring on windows in real –time and get to know what your employees are doing at the moment.

MAC Surveillance software features for monitoring employees

Block websites

You can simply block websites of your employees that they use for wasting time at workplace. You can copy the URLs of the websites and further put it to the filters.

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording of the target MAC computer in real –time and get to know what employees are doing and will be able to catch them red-handedly if they are doing something fishy.

Camera Bug

End user can remotely get control over the target MAC laptop front camera and let you to know who is up to the device at the moment.


You can remotely control the target MAC laptop device MIC and can record surround sounds and conversations using MAC surveillance software.


Cellphone and PC surveillance software is the world’s no.1 monitoring software that is best for digital parenting and for employee monitoring.