Top 200 High DA  Submission Sites List 2019
15 Dec

Top 200 High DA Submission Sites List 2019


Search engines like Google crawl quality content from article directories making many articles in high PR article submission websites go viral. This reflects in search results and the biggest gain is a back link hiking the authority index of the blog or site.

Higher search engine ranking of a blog shoots up website traffic by way of organic searches.

According to experts, for attaining some decent traffic, first-time bloggers and new websites’ admins must compulsorily submit at least 2-3 high-quality articles on article submission sites list with instant approval to improve search engine performance of their blogs and sites.

Benefit of Submitting to Article Sites

By using article submission websites list bloggers can create lots of backlinks that may go viral if the content is of high-quality.

Given that most article submission websites are free, there is no big cost involved in creating additional traffic. Article submission has always been an effective SEO technique.

By submitting articles to top article submission sites creating long-term backlinks from high PR sites is pretty easy. This fosters a better relationship with readers and makes blogs very popular.

The process of listing your sites to an array of directories or databases, Instant Approval Directory submission sites in SEO helps you

get more traffic from search engines. These are actually like phone directories, which will store information and businesses. Here, you can store your business information easily. Whether you are a beginner orrunning a website to gain traffic, there are various techniques to boost the page ranking from blog posting, guest posting and classified submission websites.

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Basically, it helps to get good-quality backlinks for your website. To attain the backlinks, you have to submit your website in a directory under the suitable category or subcategory. Whenever someone thinks to create a site or a blog, he/she looks for an Instant Approval directory submission sites list. As a result, I have encompassed free submission sites like a high-rank directory, Canada, site promotion directory, which are new and you can get the benefit over your competitor.

But, you might think about why should you actually emphasize on Instant Approval directory submission, don’t fret, I will be solving that by shedding some light on the importance of directory submission in SEO