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Is it really worth buying backlinks from Sites like Fiverr?

Is buying backlinks on Fiverr safe?

Buying backlinks from Fiverr retailers should be pretty safe but you have to make sure you are getting quality.

Buying Backlinks, at a glance

Every website owner wants to improve the search rankings, but a lot of effort is required to get your website to the most appealing position in the search result pages. For that reason, SEO serves the best, but most of the people have been seen using inconvenient ways, particularly small business owners, in an attempt to achieve their desired goals. Buying links can prove to be one of the ineffective ways to optimize the website ranking.

Backlinks are merely links that direct users from one website to another. Backlinks are broadly utilized by online business merchants to advance their sites in the search engine environs. To make backlinks extremely successful for your website’s repo, nonetheless, you must get many of them on various outside sites. Obviously, no one needs to invest energy in building authentic backlinks realizing that it’s something super easy to just purchase backlinks from a wide scope of specific assets. Be that as it may, is it extremely a smart thought? Let’s probe into whether buying backlinks can aid you in an effective way or not.

The effectiveness of Buying Backlinks

It has been seen over many times that several e-commerce businesses are getting paid backlinks to improve their site rankings and it is proved to be quite effective. But stop, stop. Does the question arise how it has been made possible? The first thing to know about this is, these paid back-linking has been carried out specifically, by popular and developed companies which make it possible for them to improve their ranking.

Effectiveness of Buying Backlinks
Effectiveness of Buying Backlinks

The next reason is those big companies are able to spend a hell lot of money to build hundreds and thousands of high-quality links and scatter them all over the internet. This becomes a positive point for them, and Google or any other search engine becomes unable to recognize them as paid backlinks. Not a single chance to identify.

That being the case, in order to make backlinks acceptable, they need to appear as natural as normal links. So if a backlink dealer makes a few high-class backlinks for the most pertinent sites, they are probably going to show up as a piece of their content as opposed to some other place in the sidebar. It should be noted, however, that such backlinks are very costly.

In order to buy backlinks, you need a few other essential elements otherwise it will be of no use. So the first thing you need to cope up with is creating a worth stimulating and quality SEO content. The other thing is to build an association with relevant opportunity. It is also compulsory for you to check out different outreach tactics to improve the response rate.

Be that as it may, there are plentiful low-quality backlink dealers too, and many unlucky companies are tempted to accept their proposals. There you can manage to buy links for just a few dollars per month, which makes it possible for you to order more.

The violation of Google Rules

Purchasing the backlinks is in contradiction to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. That being the case, there is a big danger if Google catches you, you will get a manual action at odds with your site. In a nutshell, that means your organic search traffic will get executed instantaneously. Having said that, there is one irrefutable truth when it comes to buying links. Buying placements on real websites are less perilous than utilizing time and energy into fake websites. All forms of buying links are risky. But from a risk viewpoint, it’s very challenging for Google to know with complete confidence whether a link is natural or not.

The violation of Google Rules
The violation of Google Rules

As far as the expired domains are concerned, Google grants them no quarter and getting backlinks on fake websites is futile. Off course, backlinks on real websites are something one must pin their hopes on. That’s not gross, that’s how things work.

Buying Backlinks from Sites like Fiverr, LinkVehicle etc.

If you have decided to buy backlinks, you are advised to search for the most trusted and suitable resources which offer you a perfect combo of price and quality. A resource may look positive in one sense and may lacks other profitable attributes. Let’s discuss some of them and probe into how they can be beneficial as well as disastrous for you.


You can buy almost everything or service from Fiverr for a minimum of 5 dollars. It might seem a bit surprising to you (I mean, such a cheap price?) and this goes for most of the e-commerce dealers. You can find several options only to buy backlinks for yourself.


Be that as it may, speaking about the proficiency of Fiverr in creating backlinks, it turns out not to be that effective. Google or any other search engine would consider quality more superior than the quantity so, getting hundreds of poor backlinks is not a great idea even in terms of Fiverr. Alright! Only backlinks here are not the silver bullet but Google is the match winning player until or unless it says yes to these links. As soon as Google indexes the link, it becomes active to evaluate the value of your website. More attention is required to make backlinks look natural and trustworthy. If you consider this option to be challenging, the idea with requesting somebody to publish your blog post can become more attractive.

You cannot judge the proficiency of any gig through the feedback it presents in front of you, the only thing which gets you through this is acquiring the service actually, no two ways about it. But, if buying a link from a certain gig really makes your website’s ranking higher, then you should share some favorable feedback about that gig so that it can be used by him for his future work and same goes for your unfortunate experience.

Even though you are able to find a person who is competent and skilled enough to make a good backlink or blog review for you, it does not assure further success in improving your rankings. It can similarly end up with progress, as with backslide, as with no variations in rankings at all. Although, it is more expected to bring you some traffic and clients, which is the thing that makes Fiverr a proficient place for drawing more people to your website.


It is thought to be one of the most demanding platforms on SEO niche because it efficiently associates people and businesses with the most relevant websites, bloggers, and other influencers having a deep knowledge of the topic you might be concerned about. This third-party service promises fluctuation in prices for any services pointing at optimizing your search engine results or driving more traffic towards it.


Another appealing thing about Vazoola is that you are able to get your order within 48 hours after the placement. You can get minimum of 200 words high-quality blog reviews, through the service Vazoola provides you with. You will need to increase the cost of a blogger on the off chance you want more text. In addition, all the blogs published for you are permanent and never removed from the websites.


This e-commerce service is a more directed source of freelance SEO specialists where you can have more probabilities to make your rankings improved. This is the place where you can find both inexpensive and more costly services, but make it sure that for a higher price you will get a more effective result. SEOClerks has a lot more to offer apart from building backlinks for your website. That said, it can offer general marketing and SEO services, site flipping, sponsored social networks clients and much more. SEOClerks has got loads of traffic so it’s nearly impossible to be left without a gig. Be that as it may, you get to put on your thinking cap before this as Fiverr and SEOClerks have got identical things when it comes to their functionality.


Freelancers pin their hopes on earning easy money in no time and same goes for their e-commerce clients as they simply fix their gaze on boosting their search engine rankings. When they meet each other, the actual problem begins. This is due to the reason that several gigs on SEOClerks get the services of poor or cracked software. That’s risky, isn’t it?

Because of the strict software usage rules, it’s tricky to use the cracked software. Sometimes, the people who work with this software manage to save their neck from the administrators but that won’t go their way all the time. In case, they would be caught by the administrators, they’d have to pay quite a lot. I mean, the administrators may nip their earnings from the bud. That’s something no one would hope for.

With that, SEOClerks can also offer quality blog-posts which will help in making your website reliable for the search engines.

Summing up the reality of Buying Backlinks

Well, buying backlinks is never as safe as one could imagine even with the platforms available online. Google scowl on buying backlinks and penalize sites that are caught doing it. They don’t consider it right for people to buy backlinks for the reason that they know that in doing so, you can escalate the ranking of your website and that’s measured as cheating to them. They want that websites should only get high rank naturally by being a noble quality site that picks up backlinks logically and then goes on to rank high organically. They consider it the worst thing to get high rankings by paying for it. Due to this, it’s important to stay within the limits as much as possible and only do principled, white hat SEO that takes its stretch and doesn’t involve in any shady, backlink building practices.


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